LOAD 5-19 Day 3 – Dream Come True

For LOAD 519 Day 3, the LOAD prompt was about dreams you have or dreams you have fulfilled.  For me, the dream was about having an awesome pace and all the time in the world to craft.  That happened for me in 2017 when I retired from my job at Shell Oil Company.
I have worked my entire life beginning the summer before my sophomore year in High School when I was  15.  I had jobs every summer and right after High School graduation I started working at Shell.  I worked at Shell for 36 years.  I held many part time jobs while working full time for Shell.  I went to college at night for 10 years while working full time to get my degree from Tulane University.
Before I retired, I worked as a Business Analyst for Shell Oil Company developing and maintaining software used in Oil and Gas production and allocations.  Over many years, Shell outsourced most of the computer programming jobs to other countries including Malaysia and India.  And since Shell is a global company, my Shell customers were all over the world.  This meant that I worked with people from all over the world and my job \was stressful and exhausting as I worked very long hours (often working in the middle of the night).
My dream for many, many years was to have time to devote to doing something creative.  I finally realized my dream when I retired from Shell and now I am a full time crafter.  I bought my house in Dec 2016 (a few months before I retired).  The main reason that I picked my house was because of the large room at the front of the house which is a Formal Living Room / Dining room combination but I thought would make a perfect craft room.  It’s 30 feet long by 12 1/2 feet wide and has 3 floor to ceiling windows.  I have rearranged the room many times over the past couple of years and I have to say that it’s a dream come true.
Another dream that I had for many years was to create a blog and a YouTube channel.  I have been blogging now since May 2017 and I’m loving it.  I created a YouTube channel but I only created a few videos because I found that the process of creating videos was more difficult and time consuming than I ever could have imagined.  I’ve been learning more about editing and filming videos and I’m planning to try it again when I have time.
Here’s my layout for LOAD 519 Day 3.  It’s got a Cinderella blue background and paper and embellishments from the Echo Part Magical Adventures collection.