LOAD 5-19 Day 13 – My Yorkie Cousins

For LOAD 519 Day 13, the prompt was Tell about a superstition or saying you’ve inherited from your family without realizing it and/or use a Wood Grain.  I decided to follow the technique prompt and used a white wood grain for one of the layers in my layout.   I thought it would be cute to do a layout with my dogs using the wood grain.
I’ve been wanting to get more digital designs that are dog related and I purchased the “Cutesy Creatures” digital bundle from theHungryJPEG.com just because it had a design collection with Yorkies.  And, some of the images in the collection remind me so much of my two Yorkies, Bella and Lilybelle.  The “Yorkies, Please” collection by Anna’s Creations by itself was $16 or I could purchase the “Cutesy Creatures” bundle with 26 different collections for $16.

How stinkin’ cute are these Yorkies!!!
My sister, Jeannie, and my brother-in-law, Steve, dropped their dog off with my Mom for 6 weeks and my Mom and I have been taking turns dog sitting.  He’s stayed with me several times before and now when he comes to stay with me and my dogs, he fits right into our daily routine.  
I wanted to focus on Shiloh for this layout and I made his picture larger and put him in the middle of my girls.  My two can be a lot overwhelming and I wanted to capture that in this layout.
I found a pink frame that looks like canvas fabric and used that to frame my two Yorkie girls.  I wanted to highlight Shiloh with a blue frame since he’s a boy.  I added a yorkie graphic above each of my Yorkie’s picture.  I think the dogs from the “Yorkies, Please” collection look just like my dogs.  I just love this digital collection.
Here’s a full picture of my double layout for LOAD 519 Day 13.  The pictures used for this layout were taken while I was dog sitting Shiloh.

#LOAD519 DAY 13