Layout #3 Fun in the Pool & Layout #4 Hot Summer Days | Summer Round | RTS Scrapbooking 4for4 Series

I am playing along with the 4for4 series that Janet has on her YouTube channel (RTS Scrapbooking). This is the Summer Round and I put together my kit completed my third and fourth layouts.

Five videos are available on YouTube for this 4for4 Series …. the first is a video where I selected my paper and created my kit.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

In the second video, I cut the papers for all four of my layouts and then show the scrapbook process for Layout #1.

In the third video, I created the second layout titled “Hello Sunshine”.

In the fourth video, I created the third layout titled “Fun in the Pool”.

In the fifth video, I created the fourth layout titled “Hot Summer Days”.

The pictures in these layouts were taken at my sister Terri’s house where my nieces and nephew were swimming in the pool. Here are some close ups of Layout #3 | Fun in the Pool.

And, here are some close ups of Layout #4 | Hot Summer Days.

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