Organize Everyday | Create a Shim for Your Storage Cubes | Organizing 12×12 Specialty Paper

The latest video in the series is now available on YouTube (link is below). This video includes both a demo on how to create shims for your storage cubes and some information on how I store and organize my 12×12 specialty paper.

The shims are awesome for keeping your paper pads from going too far into the cubes and helps with getting things in and out of your cubes. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Click here to watch the YouTube video.

I store my 12×12 paper pads and my 12×12 specialty paper in Recollections storage cubes from Michael’s (shown in the picture below). Michael’s has switched to selling the Ashland storage cubes but they are the same size as the Recollection and JetMax storage cubes from Hobby Lobby.

The paper holders that I use to store my specialty paper are from Cropper Hopper. I purchased these from Hobby Lobby many years ago and it came in a set of 1 large paper holder 4 small paper holders and some dividers.

I couldn’t find the same Cropper Hopper set that I had bought but found a few other Paper Holders that are similar.

I was very confused when searching for Cropper Hopper because I kept finding the Advantus Storage Studio when I searched for Cropper Hopper and some stores showed a Cropper Hopper image but the name of the product showed Storage Studio. After finding both Cropper Hopper and Storage Studios with the same picture on their packaging, I’ve come to the conclusion that these are the same products but just packaged and sold under two different names.

I like to store my specialty paper separate from my regular paper and I organized the specialty paper into categories.

The categories that I use for my specialty paper are as follows:

Acetate (Foil)
CTMH Chipboard
Corrugated Paper
Cut Files
Double Sided Adhesive
Embossed Paper
Foil Patterns
Glassine Paper
Glitter Paper
Linen Paper
Mulberry Paper
Pearl Paper
Satin Cardstock
Specialty (Miscellaneous Things)
Transfer Sheets

How do you store your specialty paper? I would love to hear from you on what tips you might have on storing specialty papers.

If you have questions or just want to share ideas on storage and organization on any of the information provided, please head over to the “Craft Room Organization with Yes Please Paper Crafts” Facebook Group . If you haven’t joined the group yet, please request to join.