LOAD 5-19 Day 17 – Calling Elsie

For LOAD 519 Day 17,  the prompt was to make a layout “to tell a story of a time you fooled someone”.   This made me think back to a time when I worked with a team that loved to play practical jokes.  This scrapbook page doesn’t have any pictures because I don’t have any pictures of the events that took place but I thought I would just create a layout to record the story.
I decided to create a digital layout because I had a collection with farm animals and since my story had a cow, that would be fun to use in my layout.  The Cutest Farm Animals Set by Little Magic Box was one of the collections that came in the Cutesy Creatures bundle that I recently purchased from theHungryJpeg.com.  The background and the clouds are from Stampin’ Up but all of the farm animals and the florals are from the Cutest Farm Animal collection.  
This is the story of “Calling Elsie” …

Many years ago, I worked in a team that loved to play practical jokes. One of my favorites was when a new girl joined the team. She was very young and fresh out of college. A note was left on her desk that said “Elsie called, please call her back at this number …”

Our entire team had cubicles in a really large open room. The cubicles were tall enough that we could all hide outside the new girl’s cubicle. She called the number and asked to speak to Elsie … the conversation that followed was hysterical as the person on the other end tried to explain to her that Elsie was a cow.

You see … the phone number that was left in the note was the number to the Headquarters of the Borden Milk company and Elsie is a real cow used in their advertising campaign.

What’s even funnier than what happened the day she made the call was the cows that appeared in her cubicle over the next several years … cow pictures, cow figurines, cow salt & pepper shakers, cow cookie jars, and anything else that anyone in the team could find that was in the shape of a cow.

Here’s a full picture of my digital layout for LOAD 519 Day 18.
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