Calvinball 2019 Layouts – Day 11 (Shopping @ IKEA)

It’s Day 11 of the CalvinBall2019 Challenge and I created a new layout.  Another record breaker, this layout scores 33 points.  It gets easier every day to get a higher score because I’m getting more familiar with the rules and new rules are added almost every day adding more categories to get bonus points.
This layout uses another one of the mixed media backgrounds that I created when I was playing around with the painting technique for NicoleJones911 Scrap-a-Thon 3 class.  I used a brayer and acrylic paint on a white cardstock.  I am having so much fun using the mixed media backgrounds I created to create layouts since I love the color combination of purple and teal.  With a little gold added, it makes a truly yummy color combination.
The pictures in this layout were taken after Thanksgiving when Mom and I were visiting my sister Jeannie and her family in Sugar Land, TX.  I love IKEA and I really miss it since moving from Texas back to Louisiana in 2015.  I wanted to go shopping because I had decided to buy new furniture for my craft room and also because Ikea had sent me a coupon for $25 off $100 purchase (… which was amazing!!!).  
I went shopping with my friend, Annamarie, on Black Friday (we didn’t take any pics) but I wanted to mention it because I was so thankful to have her help with shopping and getting the four Kallax  shelving units and accessories into my SUV.  I wanted to buy two tables too, but they weren’t going to fit into my SUV.  When I got back to my sister’s later that day, my brother, Bobby, and my sister-in-law, Ashley, offered to drop off the Kallax units at my house in Louisiana on their way home to Jacksonville, Florida.  Thank you Bobby and Ashley!!!!
So, with an empty SUV, I went shopping again at Ikea the next day with my Mom, sister and niece (Katie).  We went to Ikea in two cars with coupons for everyone.  I was able to buy two Ingatorp Extendable tables in White for my craft room and they fit in my SUV.  Oh Happy Day!!!  
I really appreciated the help that Jeannie and Katie gave me to get the tables into the SUV.  They were really heavy and without them I don’t think I would have been able to do it.  So, thank you Jeannie and Katie!!!
Here are pics of the my craft room with the new furniture from Ikea …

And, pics of the layout for Calvinball …

Layout “Shopping @ IKEA” (33 pts)

  • 1 Point – One Page Layout
  • 1 Point – Blog Post
  • 2 Points – Social Media (Post on Facebook, Calvinball, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • 1 Point – Use a Star 
  • 1 Point – Use an Enamel Dot
  • 1 Point – Use Bling
  • 1 Point – Use an Old Product
  • 1 Point – Wood Veneer
  • 1 Point – Use your own Handwriting
  • 1 Point – Use the word Happy
  • 1 Point – Use Washi Tape
  • 1 Point – Use Graph Paper
  • 1 Point – Use a Project Life Card
  • 1 Point – Use a Spray/Mist
  • 1 Point – Use Paint
  • 1 Point – Use a Banner
  • 1 Point – Date Your Layout
  • 1 Point – Use a Flower
  • 1 Point – Use an Arrow
  • 1 Point – Use a Heart
  • 1 Point – Use a Die Cut
  • 1 Point – Use a Circle
  • 1 Point – Use a Button
  • 1 Point  – Use Ribbon
  • 1 Point – Use Cloud Paper/Embellishment
  • 1 Point – Use Striped Paper
  • 1 Point – Use Dotted Paper
  • 1 Point – Use a Camera embellishment
  • 1 Point – Use Word Strips
  • 1 Point – Use Teal/Aqua Color
  • 1 Point – Use a Bird
  • 1 Point – Use two Different Fonts in the Title

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