House Pictures/Video

Front View


Front Left Side


Front Sidewalk and Front Entry


View from Front Door


View of Front of House from Across the Street


View from Right Side / Garage / Driveway


Back Yard Pictures


Back Yard View from Right Side

Back Yard View from Rear Fence

Back Yard View from Left Back Corner

Back Yard View from Left Side

Close Up View of Patio

View from Patio into Back Yard

Pictures of Drainage Issue during Heavy Rain (May 2017).  Sometimes water collects around these areas during a hard rain but this was the only time it got close to the house.  It was about 4 inches deep between the garage and the house.  The main areas of concern on the drainage are the patio, behind the garage, the area between the house and the garage, where the A/C unit is located at back of house on the left and on the right side of the house near the path from the driveway to the back yard.   There are no issues with drainage of the front yard and the street does not hold water.  There is good drainage on both left and right sides of house and you can see the water flowing out to the street after a rain.  The only time it’s an issue is if there is extremely heavy rain that goes on for hours.  If the rain stops, it does drain off fairly quickly.

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