LOAD 5-19 Day 15 – Sweet Girl

For LOAD 519 Day 15,  I went off prompt again because I wanted to give some love to my other dog, Lilybelle.  Lilybelle is so different from Bella.  Where Bella is a Diva and very demanding, Lilybelle is easy going and such a sweet girl.

I had so much fun with stitching on my layouts, I decided to do another layout with hand stitching and I decided to create a sunburst with rainbow colored thread.  Lilybelle is such a happy, little dog that I wanted to use something colorful for her scrapbook page.

The pictures in this layout was taken at the dog park which is one of Lilybelle’s favorite places to go.  She loves the word “GO” and gets excited anytime I say we’re going … she doesn’t care where we go … she just wants to go.

Here’s a full picture of my layout for LOAD 519 Day 15.


#LOAD519 DAY 15



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