LOAD 5-19 Day 14 – So Stinkin’ Cute

For LOAD 519 Day 14,  I went off prompt because I wanted to scrap some pictures I had taken of my dog Bella … she’s just too funny!

I used the “Yorkies, Please” digital collection again for this digital layout.

800_3547664_rg6yhpwn3kioi8aimy636alcno0rowrfi66zx1at_yorkies-pleaseThe pictures used in this layout were taken in my craft room when Bella wanted me to pet her and I wanted to scrapbook.  I rubbed her head and her belly several times, but whenever I would stop and try to go back to my scrapbooking, she would bark at me to try to get me to pay attention to her.  I firmly told her “no more petting” and she snorted and turned her back to me.  I snapped these photos with my phone just as she turned her back and then as she looked back to see if I was noticing that she was ignoring me.

Here’s a full picture of my layout for LOAD 519 Day 14.  

#LOAD519 DAY 14



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