Calvinball 2019 Layouts – Day 7 (Brace-Face)

Yet another Scrapbooking layout for Calvinball.  Only one for this day but I started 3 or 4 more that are not finished yet.  After completing this layout, my score is 92 points.  Whew!!!  The leader in Calvinball 2019 has 571 points, so I need to pick up the pace!!!

The mixed media background of this layout was done when I was playing around with the painting technique for NicoleJones911 Scrap-a-Thon 3 class.  I used a brayer and acrylic paint on a white cardstock.  Of course, I used teal because that’s one of my favorite colors and also purple because that gets me an extra point.

I wanted to document the day that I got my braces, so I used a selfie that I took on my way out of the Orthodontist office … (woohoo!!! Using a selfie gets me a point).  My face looks super puffy after sitting in the dentist chair for 3 hours, but I was really happy to finally be getting my braces 🙂

Layout “Brace Face” (19 pts)

  • 1 Point – Single Page Layout
  • 1 Point – Blog Post
  • 2 Points – Social Media (Post on Facebook, Calvinball, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • 1 Point – Use a Star 
  • 1 Point – Use an Enamel Dot
  • 1 Point – Use Bling
  • 1 Point – Use Wood Veneer
  • 1 Point – Use your own Handwriting
  • 1 Point – Use the word Happy
  • 1 Point – Use Washi Tape
  • 1 Point – Use a Butterfly (Removed on March 7 – So sad, no more points for using butterflies)
  • 1 Point – Use a Project Life Card
  • 1 Point – Use a Spray/Mist
  • 1 Point – Use a Sticker
  • 1 Point – Use a Selfie
  • 1 Point – Use the Color Purple
  • 1 Point – Use a Button
  • 1 Point – Use a Title with 5 Words
  • 1 Point – Fussy cut an embellishment

Find out more about Calvin Ball 2019 at



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